14. January 2022 News

Tech Facts: 3DEMO Visualisation of emission data in industry

In industrial production facilities, indoor air is often crucial for high quality of processes and products as well as for occupational safety and healthy working conditions for employees. Industrial air conditioning systems (including heating and ventilation) are usually energy-intensive and oversized for safety reasons.

Our expert Dr Frank Höwing says: "To save energy, operators first need a user-oriented visualisation of the emission data and energy consumption of their plants."

We are developing a software platform to display plant data:

  • Dashboards of characteristic values

  • 3D data on air quality, presented as heat maps

  • Time diagrams of measurement data

  • Alarm signals when critical value ranges are reached

Our software can be easily adapted to different types of plants and applications. Current applications include battery production, robotics, electroplating, grinding and toolmaking. We are developing the software as part of the 3DEMO R&D project. The client and coordinator is the TU Braunschweig. The 3D data for the heat map are provided by the company TLK Thermo in Braunschweig.

You want more information? Please contact us: in-tech@in-tech.com.