Our Mission

Moving the future

Mobility is part of our daily lives. Whether we drive to work, take the train for a weekend trip or cruise through the city by bike - we are constantly on the move. At in-tech, everything revolves around improving these daily journeys: getting from A to B faster and easier, while protecting the environment, arriving safely and making the most of our time on the road.

We are committed to shaping the mobility of tomorrow - be it through innovative software solutions, advanced electronics or the careful testing of vehicles. Our goal is clear: we want to make everyday life and the way we get around smarter, more sustainable and safer.

Our roots

in-tech is a medium-sized company with Bavarian roots

Founders Bastian Friedrich and Christian Wagner took the plunge into self-employment while still studying at the Technical University of Munich. The first office was - quite pragmatically - the former children's room of founder Christian Wagner.

Right from the start, it was important to the two engineers to establish a positive company culture. Both had already completed internships in large companies - and wanted to create a different working environment: more open, more unconventional, more dynamic, more cordial.

This is reflected in the corporate culture at in-tech - we are "different" in the best sense of the word: we attach great importance to good team spirit, openness to new ideas and a friendly, open working atmosphere.

We have already received several awards for our outstanding working atmosphere, internal team spirit and excellent work-life balance.

Employee development

Our Story

Within just a few years, in-tech has developed into a successful medium-sized company with locations in Germany, Austria, China, the Czech Republic, the UK, Romania, Spain and India.

We currently have around 2200 employees at locations in 8 countries. Our team consists mainly of engineers, software developers and technicians who deal with the diverse challenges surrounding the topic of "mobility of the future".


Our subsidiaries specialize in topics such as process consulting, driver testing and embedded software.


Beat the complexity! The process consultancy in4m designs the development processes of tomorrow and supports you in the introduction, optimization and realignment of your processes.

drivetech Fahrversuch

Whether on the road or on the proving ground: drivetech's testing specialists put vehicles through their paces and offer an all-round service for driver testing.


ProIT specializes in the development and testing of embedded software in the automotive sector. Around 150 experts deal with test procedures such as MIL, SIL and PIL.

Certifications and memberships