Why in-tech?

The "in-tech spirit" is something very special. in-tech means an excellent working atmosphere, team spirit and fun at work. But that's not the end of the story. We believe: There are many more good reasons to apply for a job with us...

Team spirit

in-tech is one thing more than anything: easygoing! We are casual, open and friendly with each other - from interns to managing directors. Team spirit and cooperation are very important to us: We like each other, help each other and enjoy our work together.

Stay in shape

We do not miss out on fitness either: At our larger facilities our functional fitness trainers will make you sweat! Training not only strengthens your body but also boosts group identity.

Team events

Every one of our teams has a monthly event budget that can be used as desired. The team itself decides what to do: from carting to a cocktail bar, paintball or canyoning, almost anything is possible. Stay in touch with your colleagues outside the workplace – that boosts team spirit and makes work more relaxed :-)

Work-life balance

With us, you work in a flextime model and - depending on the specific job - also with flexible work schedules. Every overtime hour is credited to your overtime account and you can take time off if you need it. For young parents, we always find an individual solution that balances family time and job.

Career opportunities

You want to grow? We are always looking for new specialists and managers. If you have proven yourself with commitment, a sense of judgement and a sharp mind, you can join our management career or make a career as a expert.

Coffee and sweets

We keep up a good mood throughout the workday with free pick-me-ups like coffee, fruit, granola bars, and sweets ;-)

Keep learning

Our internal training program in-tech Academy offers a wide range of training courses - from technical training to soft skills and management training. And in spontaneously organized Tech-Talks, colleagues share their current experiences with the latest technologies.

Special bonus

Of course, there are also financial bonuses: for example, company pension plans, holiday and Christmas bonuses, as well as an annual bonus if the company develops positively. In individual cases, there are also spot bonuses for special achievements.

Other benefits

In addition, you will find many other big and small benefits with us:

Home office or mobile work

is possible in most cases after consulting the manager and the team.

Employees recruit employees:

If a new employee is hired by your recommendation, you will receive a bonus.

Sabbaticals and part-time work

are possible by individual arrangement.


are allowed in many cases (depending on the office or location).

Pension plans

after individual consultation.

Internet use

is allowed

Small gifts

birthdays, Easter and similar occasions


many company-wide sports events and other events (from summer parties to football tournaments)

Employee discounts

with many different partners.

Individual benefits

In addition, we also offer other benefits where we try to cater to your individual interests and personal circumstances. Let's just talk about it - for example about topics like:


Part-time work or planned time off

Mobile working

Individual training

and more...