08. August 2017 Casestudy

Virtual test drive

Testing driver assistance systems in a simulator

Challenge: Testing at an early development stage

Testing driver assistance systems on real roads entails two problems: it requires drivable prototypes and is therefore only possible late in the development cycle. In addition, the driving situations cannot be reproduced exactly in the event of a malfunction. For a major automobile manufacturer, in-tech therefore implemented the simulation validation on the basis of test person studies. Driver assistance systems and HMI systems were tested in a software-in-the-loop (SiL) environment. New functions can thus be tested more quickly under realistic conditions, while at the same time the simulation environment allows precise control and traceability of all relevant environmental conditions.

Project scope

The software Virtual Test Drive was used as a platform. On this platform, the team created suitable test scenarios to create input data for the driver assistance systems to be tested (such as the positions of other vehicles).

The scope of the project also included the construction of simulators, the integration of driver assistance systems and the creation of tools (e.g. for map conversion between different formats).

In addition, the team also supported the customer in carrying out the test person studies.

Tools used

  • ADTF

  • VTD

  • C++

  • others