14. February 2022 News

Tech Facts: Eye Tracking

Tech Facts: 3DEMO Visualisation of emission data in industry

Eye tracking is one of the best-known methods for analysing human behaviour. At the same time, it offers excellent opportunities for optimising the user experience in vehicles. For example, the recording of eye-tracking provides information about the user-friendliness of software, apps and their interfaces.

We offer highly professional user studies with eye tracking. To do this, we use our mobile UX lab and the D-Lab software platform from Ergoneers, which enable synchronous recording and analysis of audio, CAN bus, data stream, eye tracking, physiognomy and video data. Set markers are used to indicate areas that have caught the user's interest. The eye-tracker scene camera captures these values and provides the basis for calculating gaze indicators.

Areas of application: 

  • responsive web apps

  • HMIs

  • Charging stations

  • Vehicle studies with a focus on infotainment systems

"Our eye-tracking studies give you insights into user behaviour. This allows you to validate concepts and products," describes our expert Matthias Ragossnig. "We offer professional implementation with CPUX-certified test leaders, video and audio documentation, test results and detailed presentation of results including recommendations for action."

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