21. July 2023 News

Tech Facts: Cell testing in Ingolstadt

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High-performance cells are one of the keys to excellent batteries in electric vehicles. In Ingolstadt, we put lithium-ion cells for the automotive industry through their paces. We test various cell-specific parameters using standard tests in combination with special setups and solutions.

Tests with individual settings

We measure these parameters under different conditions, e.g. by varying pressure and temperature. In addition, we analyse current profiles and perform galvanostatic tests with currents up to 1200 amperes. For tests, we use our climate chambers or special set-ups that create test environments between -35°C and 80°C. We undertake tests up to EUCAR hazard level 4.

From concept to implementation

"Every cell has an inner life. We capture this through specified cell tests. The modular structure of our laboratory enables diverse, flexible test set-ups. Our portfolio ranges from brainstorming and conception to analysis and evaluation," explains our expert Florian Frech.

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