07. February 2022 News

Student project at our Trainlab successfully completed

Getting a taste of the real world: In the last few months, four systems engineering students from Landshut University of Applied Sciences have taken part in our Trainlab. The basic aim of the project is to set up a complete development environment for a vehicle control system for rail vehicles, i.e. from project management to development processes, (model-based) systems engineering, hardware and software for the vehicle control system, display development and a test environment.

The project serves us as a training platform for employees and a wealth of experience within the team, team building outside of day-to-day business and, at some point, as a demonstrator for customers and trade fairs.

The students helped us to specify an MBSE approach for software development. They created a methodology document and a proof-of-concept model describing how to build a model using an RFP approach. Now the current student project is completed.

This is what the students say about their experience in the Trainlab:

  • "Through the project, I was able to apply MBSE in practice for the first time and gained a much deeper understanding of the whole topic, as it is only through practical application that you really understand exactly what something can be used for and how it works exactly. It was also very interesting to learn that MBSE will become more and more important in the future and that even large companies are mapping their development process with MBSE."

  • "Besides the practical application of MBSE, I internalised how important good communication is in a project, that good project management definitely serves its purpose even in smaller project groups and should not be neglected. I also realised that model-based development is particularly useful in systems with a high degree of IT and physical complexity."

  • "For me it was first and foremost a very interesting project, because as a mechanical engineer I only came into contact with the topic of MBSE in lectures. From the basics in my studies and the application in the project, I was able to better connect and understand the connections between theory and practice. In addition, I was able to gain insights into the world of MBSE, which in my eyes is becoming more and more important."

  • "The project gave me the opportunity to get a much deeper insight into MBSE than through our lecture at university. The lecture was very theoretical and was very concise. The project gave me a much more practical insight and showed me the real application of MBSE in reality. Furthermore, the project allowed me to practically implement for the first time what I learned in the first semester in terms of project management and systems engineering."

More information about our Systems Engineering department can be found here.