07. March 2022 Career

Korbinian, embedded hardware development

Meet our staff

What do you do when you're not at in-tech?

I'm studying computer engineering at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in my 6th semester. In my spare time I like to dance the Schuhplattler (a traditional bavarian dance), play football or tinker with cars with my Formula Student team "Starkstrom Augsburg".

What is your daily work routine?

It's about various hardware solutions in the field of automotive electronics, where I'm mainly responsible for the circuit board design. At the moment I'm also doing some technical research to plan new developments.

What do you particularly like to do?

I really enjoy doing everything! As the saying goes: it's the mix that makes the difference.

What was your coolest experience with in-tech outside the workplace?

So far I would definitely name the Lasertag game at one of our team events. Besides a lot of action, the fun factor was huge!

Describe in-tech in three words:

Social - flat hierarchy - KOKS (coffee, fruit, biscuits, sweets)

What will you remember most?

In any case, the quick and easy integration into the team and the great training!

And what advice will you give your successor?

Be open and above all have confidence in yourself! You will have the opportunity to take on responsibility and work independently. Use it!