05. September 2022 Career

Johannes, CAD

Meet our staff

What do you do when you're not at in-tech?

I'm studying industrial engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in my 7th semester. In my spare time I love to travel and during my studies I spent one semester in Chile. I also play volleyball, football and am always available for a game of billiards or table football.

What is your daily work routine?

I mainly deal with mechanical construction, such as case designs or general mechanical engineering constructions, to ensure that our products developed in-house are reliable and functional when it comes to hardware. Of course it should also look good!

What do you particularly like to do?

I love new projects related to construction! Getting involved in new projects is a lot of fun and the work is always very diverse. In the weeks and months to come, I'm also planning to get a deeper insight into different aspects of planning, that's what I really want to do!

What was your funniest experience at work?

While testing the LED strips in the darkened office, one of my colleagues discovered the flashing feature of the LEDs. The atmosphere was like a nightclub!

What was your coolest experience with in-tech outside the workplace?

My coolest experience was the Bavarian Beach Cup, Bavaria's biggest corporate beachball tournament. in-tech is always available for such sports activities. Among our colleagues, training is a lot of fun and we proved ourselves in competition!

In three words, describe in-tech:

Goal-oriented - friendly - innovative

What will you remember most?

Everything is orange! At in-tech, you simply can't get past the colour orange and the in-tech spirit behind it, the team spirit and the friendly atmosphere are always present.

So what advice will you give your successor?

Enjoy the internship and your work, put energy into your tasks and just try to have a good time!