24. October 2019 News

in-tech wins GENIUS–Award 2019

Marketplace for innovative mobility solutions wins Germany's New Mobility & Connectivity Award

The GENIUS-Award is an award for innovative solutions for the future of the mobility sector. The award recognizes promising solutions that could make a lasting difference to our mobility world. The GENIUS Award 2019 was officially presented at the top-class Handelsblatt Auto Summit in Stuttgart - and in-tech is winner in the "Connecting People" category.

We were awarded for the project to create a marketplace for alternative mobility offers: It enables municipalities, housing associations and business parks to configure mobility solutions that are individually tailored to their needs.

Open marketplace for alternative mobility offers

Climate change, traffic congestion in large cities and a lack of public transport infrastructure motivate us to implement new and sustainable mobility solutions. In addition, mobility is a prerequisite to participate in social life and to create equal living conditions in different regions. There are currently many white spots in this world of mobility outside the major metropolitan areas:

Commercial providers offer standardised solutions (Car-Sharing, Scooter-Sharing) which rarely respond to local needs for a mobility mix and do not contribute to a mobility change due to the floating model. New mobility concepts outside urban areas are strongly driven by civic engagement such as car sharing clubs. We want to support this commitment by professionalising the respective services and taking on the operational risk, thus accelerating the change in the mobility sector.

The core elements of our solutions are shared mobility services such as vehicle sharing or ride sharing, preferably using sustainable energy. In our open marketplace, we connect the providers of all necessary components and services (vehicles, software, charging infrastructure, service, financing, etc.).

The marketplace allows our customers to configure their own individually tailored mobility solution.

Target customer groups are, for example:

  • Housing companies, who can significantly reduce the need for parking space by providing a functional mobility service.

  • Business parks, who want to provide their tenants with charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in order to enhance the attractiveness of the location.

  • Municipalities that want to increase the attractiveness of their business parks by offering car sharing services to corporate customers or that want to offer their residents an alternative to a second car.

  • Carsharing clubs that want to professionalize their existing services.

in-tech offers conception, setup and operation for the solutions defined via the marketplace. In addition to the technical components (platform, vehicles) this also includes financing, service, hotline and legal agreements.

Currently the most important partners on board are operators for vehicle provision, financing, service etc.. Operation of the marketplace is planned to start in 2020.