14. April 2021 Press Release

in-tech presents the Safety Assistant Monitor - SAM ensures safe test drives in the automotive industry

"Digital co-driver" documents all test results for current driver assistance systems

Recording and processing test results while driving - until now, this often required a co-driver. The newly developed SAM - Safety Assistant Monitor app from in-tech makes this unnecessary and promises the digital co-driver: the app records test results directly while driving and evaluates them with additional automated statistics afterwards. "With SAM, car manufacturers can save on a co-driver during test drives. The software is already being used very successfully by some customers," reports Tobias Wagner, Managing Director at in-tech. The app is platform-independent and available both online and offline.

in-tech has bundled its know-how from hardware and software testing in the automotive industry and presents the SAM app, a mobile software that digitally records test results for driver assistance systems while driving. Tests for functions such as lane change assistant or drowsiness detection can be configured for test drives and started for the subsequent driving route. The scenarios can be configured intuitively via the software with just a few clicks. The app runs on a tablet that is integrated in the vehicle in such a way that the driver has the display in view at all times. Test reports and checklists are created in detail and error statistics are displayed automatically. In the event of a deviation from the entered threshold values, a warning appears on the display. It is also possible to record several statistics at the same time.

CAN bus communicates with tablet

The process is as follows: The tablet with the SAM application is installed next to the driver. This couples via an SSL-encrypted WLAN connection with a Raspberry Pi board with Pi CAN FD module installed in the vehicle. This module communicates directly with the CAN bus and forwards the data to the tablet. The tablet synchronises itself in online mode via a 5G/LTE connection with a central cloud database. The results stored there can then be called up on a PC worldwide via a WebApp, evaluated and exported as a test report.

Further driver assistance scenarios can be integrated

The advantages of the system: the driver is not distracted while driving and can concentrate on the test track. The modular structure of the software enables flexible and quickly realisable extensions and adaptations. In the future, further driver assistance system scenarios can be integrated, such as parking assistant, traffic sign recognition, lane departure warning and others. The user-friendly workflows reduce possible errors, but also the training time for employees.

Flexible subscription models and extensive support

The mobile software SAM is offered as a subscription and ends automatically after the agreed term. Depending on the application, the customer can choose the desired option. The data remains available for another 12 months after the subscription expires, so that access to the results continues. Of course, it is also possible to agree on individual models at the price options already offered. The hardware, consisting of an LTE Android tablet and a Raspberry Pi, is provided by in-tech for the entire term, including a replacement service for defective devices. The package includes installation and commissioning, as well as a 5G data tariff with 5GB.

About in-tech

in-tech shapes digitalization in the automotive industry, rail transport and industry. The company develops solutions for the automotive, eMobility, transport systems and smart industry sectors. The developers and engineers at in-tech work, for example, on topics such as autonomous driving, electromobility, digital rail or smart industrial production.

The company was founded in 2002 and has been consistently growing ever since. in-tech currently employs around 1700 people at locations in Germany, Austria, the USA, China, the UK, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Spain and Romania. The owner-managed company shines as an excellent employer with an outstanding corporate culture: the company has already received several awards for its good working atmosphere, internal team spirit and excellent work-life balance.

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