30. June 2020 Press Release

Holistically sustainable with „viertelMobilität“

From e-charging infrastructure to corporate car sharing: Smart and green mobility solutions with strong partners

Individual and innovative mobility offers for companies, operators of large residential or commercial properties and smaller municipalities - engineering specialist in-tech offers sustainable and modern solutions from a single source with its new viertelMobilitäts offers. In conjunction with an extensive partner network, the engineering specialist profitably implements a wide variety of projects in a short period of time. The focus here is on electromobility and the use of green electricity.

With the three basic pillars "Infrastructure", "Corporate Charging" and "Fleet", in-tech launches its business division viertelMobilität. The aim of this offering is to enable smaller municipalities, neighbourhoods and companies to easily deploy customisable mobility solutions - all on a "green" basis. "From charging infrastructure for e-cars to "last mile" solutions such as e-scooters or e-bikes to corporate car sharing - we offer such solutions from a single source, naturally user-friendly and digitally networked. We realise customised solutions for more efficient forms of mobility," summarises Albert Habermann, head of the viertelMobilität project at in-tech.

Award-winning concept with strong partners

The important thing here is that the engineering specialist implements the projects in close cooperation with its extensive partner network. However, all offers come from a single source, i.e. the customer only has in-tech as a contact partner. This approach has already been awarded the GENIUS Award by the Handelsblatt in 2019.

The engineering specialist structures the "viertelMobilität" offer as follows:

Infrastructure module

As part of this module, in-tech installs the entire e-charging infrastructure for companies. The customer does not have to worry about hardware, financing, installation, load management or coordination with the energy supplier - in-tech supplies and operates a turnkey solution. "If desired, we can also ensure that the stations are publicly available so that anyone can charge there, and in this case we take care of the billing and pricing," says Albert Habermann. in-tech provides mobile apps for iOS and Android ("viertelMobilität charge") for finding the charging points and charging itself. Alternatively, RFID cards are available to start the charging process.

Corporate Charging Module

In addition, in-tech also develops comprehensive charging solutions for companies if required. The focus in this case is not on the charging infrastructure, but on the topic of "charging on the move", which will be possible everywhere and with a wide variety of billing models. "This means that companies can charge on the move at any infrastructure and we will take care of transparent billing," Habermann continues. To this end, more than 17,000 charging points are available in the partner network from partner Virta and over 100,000 charging points in the roaming network. Here, too, charging takes place via the in-tech app or a charging card.

Fleet module

Whether car, e-bike, e-scooter or e-scooter: in-tech practically offers a company fleet "as a service" and takes over all project steps: from the provision of the vehicles, to booking apps, maintenance and service, to billing. The combination of different usage scenarios (business use, joint use by several companies, private use) should be mentioned separately - in this case, the complex invoicing is simply done via the in-tech app. In addition, a 24/7 service hotline is available to customers for any questions they may have.

Extensive partner network

In-tech relies on the following partners, among others, for the implementation of all viertelMobilitäts projects:

  • unu - supplier of e-scooters

  • Coboc - provider of high-end e-bikes

  • Peac Finance - leasing and financing of charging infrastructure

  • Virta - partner for operation and from Europe-wide access to charging infrastructure

  • UScale as part of the viertelMobilität consultant network and partner for comprehensive needs analyses.

  • Initiative Zukunftsmobilität - part of the viertelMobilität advisory network and partner for conceptual design and project planning.

Business Campus project followed by other projects

in-tech recently successfully completed a project at the Munich-Garching Business Campus. At the location, a multi-storey car park was equipped with ten e-charging points infrastructure, so that the companies and visitors located there can park and charge their e-cars there. Further projects are currently being planned.

More about the offer at: https://in-tech.com/viertelmobilitaet

About in-tech

in-tech shapes digitalization in the automotive industry, rail transport and industry. The company develops solutions for the automotive, eMobility, transport systems and smart industry sectors. The developers and engineers at in-tech work, for example, on topics such as autonomous driving, electromobility, digital rail or smart industrial production.

The company was founded in 2002 and has been consistently growing ever since. in-tech currently employs around 1700 people at locations in Germany, Austria, the USA, China, the UK, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Spain and Romania. The owner-managed company shines as an excellent employer with an outstanding corporate culture: the company has already received several awards for its good working atmosphere, internal team spirit and excellent work-life balance.

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