12. October 2022 Career

Florian, Transport Systems

Meet our staff

What do you do when you're not at in-tech?

I'm studying electrical engineering at the university in Augsburg. In my free time, I love being outdoors, I like sailing and I lead various youth groups.

What is your daily work routine?

I work in the Transport Systems division, so my passion is the train of tomorrow. Together with my team, I take care of the large area of verification and validation. Before a train is homologated, the necessary verifications must be available. Here in Garching, we also work very closely with the Austrian team in Vienna, which is really fun!

What do you enjoy doing most?

I like the international orientation of my current project very much! Besides the homologation of train control systems in Germany, we also support the homologation in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and of course Austria. Since I find trains really exciting and totally unique in terms of their complexity, I really want to learn about and understand the processes behind them. The getting to grips with the subject is challenging, but it's great fun to immerse yourself intensively in the subject of transportation!

What was your coolest experience with in-tech outside the workplace?

We have access to our own balcony. When the weather is fine, you can enjoy a barbecue during the lunch break and linger in the deck chairs. A great thing when the sun is shining!

What part of the train would you be if you could choose?

I would definitely be a future train protection system. So much is going to happen in this area and I am really curious to see to what extent digitalization and the integration of new technologies will have an effect on the integration of systems. Unifying these complex networks into standards will be a great challenge in the future and is extremely exciting.

What advice will you give your successor?

Due to the close cooperation in our team and also with the team in Austria, mutual understanding is immensely important for us! Clear communication with each other is extremely valuable for everyone and makes the familiarisation with the topic much easier!