13. April 2018 Casestudy

All important data at a glance

Transparent production processes via User Centered Design

Based on the smartConnect building kit, the machine manufacturer ASM offers its customers a user-friendly look at all important KPIs…

ASM is the worldwide leading supplier and partner for electronics manufacturing. The company produces, among others, printers and placement solutions for electronics production – these devices are utilized in highly complex production environments and manufacture a variety of products.  

One of the challenges is achieving the most efficient use of the machines as possible. High capacity and short changeover times have to be ensured. To better support customers in this mission, ASM commissioned in-tech as a partner in the development of the ASM Performance Monitor (APM). 

Optimized production processes thanks to KPI analysis

The APM was partly developed based on a modular smartConnect building kit and runs via smartphone, desktop and info-screen. The solution offers views for different user roles, from the machine operator all the way to the production manager. Users can see the exact information on the APM that they require at that particular point in time.  

Targeted production analysis: With the APM, production managers receive insight into all important KPIs, such as capacity, performance or component rejects. This information supports the manager in the analysis and optimization of the production processes and allows for a more efficient introduction of new products.    

 Performance monitoring: While production is underway, the APM allows the production manager to set the current production goals and to analyze the current capacity and productivity. Deviations from the targeted values are made visible so that managers can intervene quickly.

Shift overview and mobile notifications: A large display shows the machine operator in production important information about the current production status, such as the target/actual quantities or the current line status.  

Optimal usability via User Centered Design

For the development of the APM app, the in-tech team used the modular smartConnect building kit. This made fundamental functionalities available and made the quick realization of individualized Smart-Factory solutions possible. With the aid of existing modules, the concept was quickly brought to life for the customer with clickable mockups and prototypes. Using customer feedback, an optimal solution that was tailored to the customer was developed in short, agile development cycles.

The team applied special emphasis towards user-centered design: The goal was to provide the particular user with the required information for the respective point in time and to therefore create optimal usability for all end users.

ASM initially selected the figures that should be displayed in the solution. The briefing consisted of a comprehensive overview of different KPIs. In-tech developed the suitable information architecture, in order to create a clean structure for the display of the required data. The team then developed the user-friendly interaction concept for the different user roles and devices. The visual design of the application supports the usability and user experience.  

“The APM shows the production manager the exact information that he or she needs at that particular point in time. This increases efficiency in production, and the responsible employees receive more transparency and a production overview while it is underway,” says Dr. Thomas Marktscheffel, Director Product Management SW-Integration Platform.