Safety & security engineering

Security and functional safety

Our safety engineering services make a key contribution to ensuring the functional safety of your systems and proving compliance with standards.

Furthermore, our security experts assist you with networking your systems and the validation of your system interfaces by selecting suitable software and security technologies and through the specification and realisation of interfaces.

Functional safety

Risk and hazard analyses

Security concepts

Functional safety

Functional safety is an integral element of system and electrical/electronic development. The system design, risk analysis and design of the functional security concept go hand in hand. An in-depth system understanding and broad experience with the development and validation of embedded systems are essential here. Building on these core competencies, we support our customers in all aspects of system development as well as safety and security engineering.

The adaptation and application of established standards and methods for safety-critical systems is one of the leading safety engineering challenges.

Security gains added importance in distributed systems, also for functional safety. System development, functional safety and security are therefore integral elements of efficient development.

Risk and hazard analyses

We conduct systematic analyses in accordance with the applicable safety standards to identify risks that endanger safe operation. For this purpose and to improve technical reliability, we use methods such as fault tree analysis (FTA) and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).

Security concepts – security by design

We identify and specify the security requirements for the system and develop a security/safety concept for you. In doing so, we count on encryption, authentication and authorisation technology proven in practice. State-of-the-art processes such as AES, TLS and SSH are part of our tool kit along with knowledge of current PKI and certification methods.