Management & consulting

Project coordination and consulting

Whether it is the organization of large-scale project to guarantee quality management or the design of new technologies: we provide consulting and coordination for the development of complex projects in the software and embedded systems fields – in automotive, rail, and machinery industries alike.

Quality management

Project management

Technology and innovation consulting

Quality management – from development to after-sales

Our quality management teams accompany electronics development from the outset. They project warranty risks, audit production processes, estimate the risk of hardware or software changes, troubleshoot problems, administer quality measures and much more.

We also offer assistance after series readiness, for instance in after-sales support. This includes, for example, phone support for dealers in the field or parts clearing in warranty cases.

  • Quality engineering
  • Quality methods (FMEA, Six Sigma and others)
  • Auditing
  • After-sales support

Project management

We handle all tasks for the development of complex products in the software and embedded systems field – for the automotive,rail and machinery industries. In addition to the technical implementation, we also handle all related control and management tasks.

These include, for example, test planning and coordination, error/problem management, quality management and change management. Our experts plan out the optimal deployment of validation staff and schedule the validation of components, subsystems and the overall system. They manage complex validation projects and coordinate feedback and problem elimination.

Technology and innovation consulting

Responding to changing market conditions with suitable, innovative ideas is our model for success. We want to share this expertise with our customers by integrating them into our consulting projects.

First we conduct a status quo analysis, identifying existing strengths and possible links for future innovations together with our customers. Evaluating the possible approaches takes into account trends in the respective markets and customer groups, but also considers the best practices of other market participants (best in class).

Building on the resulting targets, we derive strategic and organisational options for target achievement and assist our customers with decision making. Finally, we support our customers in further detailed specification and implementation.