Solutions for the smart factory: Production monitoring with the smartwatch, smartphone, or tablet.

Mobile notifications of tasks and service requirements
Overview of production KPIs at all times
Reduced downtime for your facility
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Mobile assistance systems for production – fast, secure, digital!

Always maintain an overview of the state of production, service requirements, and KPIs, even when you are out and about: smartConnect by in-tech is the production monitoring solution for the smartwatch, smartphone, or tablet. Our mobile assistance systems optimize the operation of heterogeneous production facilities, reduce downtime, and boost your efficiency.

The production monitoring solution delivers context-specific information for various roles on the shop floor: Machine operators, production managers, and other users always have access to the information that is relevant for them. Notifications of pending tasks for example, information about production KPIs, or specific help with troubleshooting and fault elimination.

Task management

The machine operator receives context-specific information about pending tasks and their prioritization.

Identifying service requirements

Information about upcoming maintenance and service tasks is displayed for the responsible operator as a notification on the mobile device.

Production monitoring

The production manager sees the current KPIs at a glance and can identify possible deviations early on.

Supporting fault elimination

Context-specific information assists service personnel with troubleshooting and fault elimination.

Technical data

  • Support for machines of many different manufacturers
  • Variety of interfaces (e.g. OPC UA, MTConnect, PLC, or REST)
  • Adapting existing interfaces is possible as well
  • App functions are individually adaptable
  • Secure data storage on own servers in the production facility is possible
  • Support for data storage on all common cloud platforms
  • Secure communication through WLAN encryption, TLS (https), certificates, and authorization on the server
  • Encrypted data storage on the mobile device

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