The orangeSwitch will optimize your test procedures: Automatically switch between the hardware version at the HiL (hardware in the loop) or the test rig.
Automatically switch between the hardware versions at the HiL
High degree of automation and optimized test rig use
Reduced error rate
Widely scalable
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Optimize your Test Rig Use

Forget cumbersome hardware modifications. With the orangeSwitch (patent pending), you can connect various hardware versions of a control device to your HiL or test rig.

The orangeSwitch will integrate into you testing environment. The changeover between the version will be automatic as part of the test automation. You may also switch manually.

By connection the orangeSwitch to your test automation you increase the level of automation on the HiL considerably.

You will be able to test various hardware versions automatically in sequence and achieve optimal capacity utilization for the test rig. Automatic switching is also gentler on the plug-in connections. This increases the system stability of your test rig.

You have no direct access to your HiL? Our orangeSwitch can also be used to “change connections” remotely.

Example Applications

No tedious hardware restructuring

Operate different hardware versions one after the other on a HiL. Several versions can be changed over, automatically or remotely, without having to physically change connections on the HiL.

Highly automated

Test various hardware versions automatically, without rebuilding the hardware! This helps you achieve optimal capacity for your test rig.

Lower error rate

The plug-in connectors will last longer. Test problems due to plug-in failure do not happen.

Test out as many versions as you like

orangeSwitch is highly scalable and able to switch a wide variety of signal types (such as buses, sensors, MOST…).

Technical Information

  • Manual operation / Automated operation
  • Display of the operating mode (automatic/manual)
  • Rocker switch for manual switching
  • Display of the active hardware version
  • Plugs adapted to the existing HiL
  • Control access via Ethernet
  • Internal logic circuit enables integration of customer-specific functions
  • Ambient temperature: 24V: -25 °C to +55 °C
  • Ambient temperature: 230V: -5 °C to +50 °C
  • Relative humidity: 25 to 75 %