The measurement system we always wished for as test engineers.
Own power supply and energy management
Supports any type of logger
Large breakout module for outlier data
Fastening system for vehicle rack
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Simply fit your test vehicle with the measuring technology

orangeRack is the metrology system that every test engineer would guard like a treasure. Whatever you need to measure, orangeRack makes it simple.

Whether you use CAN, LIN, Flexray, OBD or analog signals, the large breakout unit supports all kinds of car-related measurements. You may additionally perform outlier measurements without changing the regular measurement setup.

The orangeRack allows engineers absolute flexibility in the choice of measuring techniques. The data logger unit offers endless choices for the integration of data logger types – just the way you always wanted it.

Naturally, the orangeRack has its own power supply so that it will not draw power from onboard the vehicle. We equipped the integrated battery with enough power to get through the entire work day. No more interrupted measurements because of empty batteries!

Example applications

Install measurement instrumentation

The compact rack fits into every vehicle, and it supports all types of data loggers and measuring instrumentation.

Outlier Measurements

Connect additional measuring instrumentation to the large breakout module without tampering with the defined setup. No more missing data.

All-day battery power

The integrated battery supplies the measuring instrumentation with sufficient power even if the test series is long.

Intelligent energy functions

Boost function for empty vehicle batteries, display of the available onboard voltage of the vehicle and many more features.

Technical Information

  • 14 x CAN
  • 2 x Flexray
  • 14 x LIN
  • 4 x Serial
  • 5 x Analog
  • Diagnosis: via OBDII jack and Ethernet
  • Internal battery (70 Ah or 90 Ah) for the uninterrupted supply of power to the measuring instruments
  • Internal battery charger (850 W)
  • Intelligent charging of the battery for the measuring instrumentation via the vehicle battery when the vehicle moves
  • Boost function to support an empty vehicle battery
  • Protective mechanisms such as low battery power protection, high temperature shut-off, short circuit protection etc.
  • Displays the state of the onboard vehicle voltage
  • Flexible attachment system for external loggers