Cost-efficient, real-time capable and even distributable: this is the compact modular HiL system.
Cost efficient solution for component testing
A real-time capable test and simulation environment
The module can be integrated in user-defined toolchains
The orangeHiL is modular and may be integrated in various spaces
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The compact modular HiL System

orangeHiL is the cost efficient modular HiL System for component testing: With its real-time capable test and simulation environments, it meets all requirements for a full-fledged HiL test rig at a very competitive price.

It does not matter what toolchain you use in the development. orangeHiL will integrate in the used automation and simulation environments. This allows the continued use of existing test cases and models.

orangeHiL can be assembled in a modular fashion. Thanks to modern Ethercat technologies this in turn also permits the distributed assembly in various spaces. The latter is particularly interesting for tests in hazardous environments such as a high-voltage area.

In combination with the orangeSwitch (patent pending), the orangeHiL permits highly automated test procedures and an optimal use of the test rig.

Example Applications

Component testing in real-time environments

Automated testing in a user-defined toolchain

In combination with the orangeSwitch, highly automated testing environments

Technical Information

  • Real-time capable simulations as well as the input and output of bus and A/D signals
  • Modular design: easy to expand, simple integration, distributed interfaces are possible
  • The inclusion and integration of existing simulation models in Matlab/Simulink are feasible
  • Complete automation is possible using commercial test automation (EXAM, ECU-TEST)
  • User-friendly interface via orangeCtrl: use a tablet for the controls, monitoring and diagnostics
  • Open interface for the integration of more tools
  • Manual quick release system or automatic switching for batch tests overnight or on weekends (orangeSwitch).
  • Highly customizable and scalable: from Mini-HiL for desktop usage to the full-sized test rig setting
  • More cost efficient than conventional HiL systems but more powerful than a pure bus simulation.