Individual hardware and software development

Custom solutions

Tailored precisely to your needs: test benches, measuring technology and software for your use case. Whatever your project – we can develop tailor-made solutions for you. Following are some solution examples we have already implemented. We are happy to provide you with advice for your special application case.

Automated brake actuator

The problem: during the course of conducting tests on a vehicle, the brake pedal had to be actuated. An employee always had to be at the test bench for this purpose, despite test automation. The solution: automated mechanical brake actuation suitable for all vehicle types.

  • Mechanical actuation of the brake pedal
  • Manual and automated PC-based control
  • Fits in any footwell
  • Quick-closures for adjustment

Load simulation

Load simulation (based on orangeHiL) supports comprehensive HiL tests on control units. In addition to communication, sensor technology and actuating elements, the test stand also simulates electrical loads such as interior and exterior lights, window and wiper motors, seat heating and much more.

Existing test platforms can be seamlessly expanded through the integration of orangeHiL Load Simulation. We also offer standalone load boxes for simpler applications, such as the simulation of purely constant loads.

  • Simulation of constant loads using resistors
  • Simulation of dynamic loads using a load generator
  • Real-time capable simulation as well as input/output of bus and A/D signals
  • Transfer and integration of existing simulation models
  • Can be fully automated with common test automation technology
  • User-friendly interface: control, monitoring and diagnosis via tablet
  • Open interface for the integration of additional tools

Breakout boxes

The problem: complex test points have to be set up before measuring various digital and analog signals on the vehicle. Complicated conversions are required to conduct measurements. The solution: tailor-made breakout boxes capture all required signals and conveniently make them available on the control panel.

  • HV/NV signal recording
  • Displays for voltages
  • Integrated circuit breaker
  • Capacitor for simulation of the vehicle chassis
  • CE marking

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