Welcome to the business cluster! - in-tech industry becomes a member

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

in-tech industry is the newest member of the mechatronics & automation cluster, and also in the railway technology cluster. The engineering company brings along its expertise in development of digital solutions in the sectors machinery and transport systems.

The state of Bavaria’s mechatronics & automation cluster is a platform and a panel to define and implement measures to facilitate progress in mechatronics and in similar fields. Goal is to maintain quality and safety standards and to boost the economy by active communication between science and economy.

The membership in the mechatronics & automation cluster is planned to provide a valuable exchange of experience among experts and also new opportunities for cooperation. “We look forward to cooperate with partners in this sector”, cluster manager Patrick Haberstroh stated at the membership certificate handover in Garching.

Furthermore, in-tech has become member of the railway technology cluster. The concrete goal here is to enhance competitiveness by strengthening the ability to create innovation and by increasing productivity.

„Becoming a member of two important clusters in this sector is a huge step for our company. We will contribute to exciting projects with our software and hardware expertise. We are sure to provide a significant contribution to sustainable projects in the fields of automation and railway technology by interacting with further companies and universities” in-tech industry manager Dr. Christian Hock stated.