More Software Know-How: in-tech takes over software specialist c4c

Friday, March 27th, 2015

We are expanding our range of services in the software sector – in-tech has taken over 90% of the shares in Braunschweig-based software company c4c Engineering. Thanks to this acquisition, in-tech will now be able to handle the entire product development process for vehicle electronics.

“The vehicle of the future will feature much more software,” explains in-tech Managing Director Christian Wagner. “From self-driving cars to networking cars with the environment, software and IT security will play a central role in automotive development in the next few years.”

By participating in c4c, in-tech is further expanding its range of services in the area of software and IT: “We are positioning ourselves as a full-service provider for developing vehicle electronics and software. With c4c, we can now execute software-heavy projects, which means we can handle every phase of product development.” This summer, c4c and in-tech will move to a new site in Wolfsburg, where in-tech is building a 5000m² development center. With this collaboration, the companies will increase their team at the Wolfsburg site to a shared 130 employees – and they plan to use the site to grow even more. c4c’s software know-how will also be used at the other in-tech sites in Germany and abroad: “In the future, we will be able to use c4c’s expertise for shared software and car IT projects at all of our sites,” says Christian Wagner