in-tech presents telematics solution for Car2X communication at IZB

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016
At the IZB in Wolfsburg, the fog warning comes from the cloud

The car of tomorrow thinks for itself – and warns other traffic participants of hazards. At the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, in-tech is presenting a simulator that allows such systems to be experienced in a wide variety of scenarios today. One of these is the fog warning from the cloud. The simulator was developed by the in-tech subsidiary c4c engineering. This subsidiary in Braunschweig specialising in vehicle software is presenting itself at the IZB jointly with its parent company in-tech. It is appearing solely under the common trademark in the future.

As soon as sensors detect a bank of fog, a warning is sent through the cloud to all other vehicles in the vicinity. The warning appears on the dashboard of these vehicles so drivers can adjust to the situation. At the IZB in Wolfsburg, the c4c engineers set up a vehicle simulator for this purpose. It allows trade fair visitors to drive through Wolfsburg and the surroundings together with simulated traffic participants.

A bank of fog is generated by pressing a button outside the vehicle simulator and virtually covers part of the route. As soon as one of the cars detects this fog bank, a warning is sent to the cloud that forwards it to the simulator, where a warning is displayed. The ride in the simulator can be followed on a large screen directly at the in-tech exhibition stand in hall 3, stand 107.

“Naturally our telematics solution allows many types of sensor data to be transmitted, analysed and displayed,” says Dr. Lutz Kelch, CEO of c4c engineering GmbH. “Using a mobile phone is cost-effective, for instance to automatically record the route and travel time, and for communication with the cloud. Web-based analysis is then possible using any device. Efficient fleet management for instance can be realised in this manner.”

In addition to the Car2X communication exhibit, in-tech is also introducing services for the trending topics of autonomous driving, intelligent safeguards and security.

Elements of the scenario presented at the IZB are as follows:

  • A vehicle simulator based on a Unity Engine and the CityEngine from Esri®
  • A fog sensor for the detection of fog
  • The Car2X-Box telematics solution to capture the sensor data and for secure communication with the cloud
  • A cloud service based on Microsoft Azure for data processing and to generate warnings
  • A fog alerter to display the warning on the combination display