User Interface Engineering

Intuitive operating solutions for your products

High efficiency in production processes requires an optimal support of users and their tasks in operating systems. We implement projects for developing user-centered operating solutions, from defining interaction concepts, graphical design and required safety concepts to selecting the appropriate technologies and iterative implementation and integration of product solutions.

Layout and design

We create the complete graphical design and layout for your HMI solution, emphasizing the professionality of your solutions. Operating your systems becomes a breeze with our fool-proof UIs.

Rapid prototyping

We validate concepts for interaction and visualization via rapid prototyping. The range of technologies is validated at an early stage by using technological prototypes.


Your users expect easy and intuitive interaction solutions – we ensure a high level of usability.

Mobile operating solutions

We are highly qualified in all common platforms for mobile devices – Android, iOS and Windows for tablets and smartphones – and we support a successful implementation of your “bring your own device” solution for your systems.

User-centered interaction architecture

Our experts define concepts for interaction and visualization for your future HMI solutions. These concepts support your users actively in their tasks and provide specific information.

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Dr. Klaus Wiltschi
Head of Business Unit Machinery