Systems Engineering

Requirements analysis, concept development and software architecture

Overall functionality and system properties such as modularity, reliability, testability and expandability in development of industrial systems require an active design that is crucial for developing long-term efficient industrial solutions. Our experts support you in structuring requirements and test management, system and function modeling, architecture design and optimization of applied tools for consistent development processes.

Requirements analysis and specification

We support your company in optimizing requirements management processes and in applying tools – customized for your demand. We furthermore implement analysis and specification of your requirements.

System and software architecture

Our experts provide system functionality and requirements. Based on that, they also define the architecture of future software solutions.

Concept development

Our implementation concepts are validated at an early stage by creating executable models and technological prototypes.

Functional analysis and validation

We provide functional analyses and modeling for validation of systems and software, particularly for development of safety-critical systems.

Variants management

We enable an efficient specification and verification of product variants by using configurable images of different properties of product line variants.


We verify your requirements and ensure that the overall system behaves as requested.


Due to flexible architecture your solution can be easily adapted to future changes and integrated seamlessly into existing systems.

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