Mobile solutions

Smart systems reduce downtime.

A giant production plant with several hundred machines reports a fault. Production comes to a standstill. This is where speed counts: Where exactly is the machine? What is the problem? Which replacement parts are needed? Every minute costs money.

With conventional systems, a technician often has to cover long distances to finally find the right machine. The right replacement part is lacking? That means more travel time.


Our solution

smartConnect by in-tech – With mobile operating solutions, we bring all important information to the right place and avoid downtime entirely where possible: the machine reports the need for service even before a pending failure. In case of a fault, it sends all important information to the service technician’s mobile display: What is the problem? Which replacement parts are needed? What is the repair procedure? On a smart phone, tablet or smart watch, the user easily sees what needs to be done.

Your benefits

Faster operating and service procedures
Reduced downtime
Reduction of service and operating costs

Project references

Production monitoring app

Various performance figures had to be monitored in a production line. Further and historical information needed to be displayed as well. Our team developed an app and the corresponding server back-end for the customer.

The app runs on Windows, Android and iOS. The interface adapts to all resolutions from smart phones to big screens. Personalised views were developed for various user profiles (manager, service technician, shift manager).

HTML5, JavaScript, Angular JS, C#, WCF

Windows, Android, iOS

Task management with smart watch

We developed a smart phone and smart watch app for the operators of production machines. The app presents current machine information and the operating state, service requirements and errors. The operator quickly and easily sees what needs to be done. Errors are identified early and the number of operators required is reduced.

HTML5, JavaScript, Ionic, C#

Android, iOS, Windows

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