Intuitive user interfaces

Intuitive user interfaces – making complex software easy to use.

Your system or software has extensive functions and a complex logic. What’s more, it is complicated to use. New employees require extensive training. Staff turnover is costly. Operating errors lead to downtime. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was as easy to use as an iPhone?

Our solution

Ease of use like a smart phone: it really is possible – even for industrial products!

We design intuitive user interfaces for existing software solutions – directly on the system, on the PC or for mobile devices. The user has intuitive access to all functions and is able to accomplish things quickly and easily. Operating concepts tailored to the end user and his task virtually eliminate the need for training.

Your benefits

Efficient support for the user
Reduction of training and operating errors
Acceptance thanks to usability and design

Project references

Taking measurements more quickly

The existing software for taking measurements was complex and required extensive training. In the course of this project, we developed an intuitive operating concept and prepared executable prototypes for validation. The solution we found was ultimately implemented, tested and delivered. The scope of work included full development from requirements management to visual design to software testing. In the course of the market introduction, it was confirmed that the new solution is used efficiently without training.

C++, Qt

Embedded Linux, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Desktop, iOS

Service and monitoring in medical technology

We developed a service and support app with an intuitive operating concept for the operation of medical devices. Development was carried out IEC 62304 for future certification.

The project encompassed consulting and concept development for the operating concept, technology selection and the software architecture. Subsequently the concepts were validated using prototyping methods, and the app and server back-end were realized. Secure communication channels are used for the transfer of personal data.

Qt, QML, C#, HTTPS, Websockets

iOS, Windows Server

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Dr. Klaus Wiltschi
Head of Business Unit Machinery