Digital assets

Modernization of proven software

Your software is essential for your products and business operations – your software solutions contain valuable business know-how. But after years of use, the software is no longer flexible enough and user guidance is inefficient.

Our solution

You want to maintain the accumulated know-how, proven logic and time-tested functions of your software. Yet everything needs to be faster, better and simpler.

With a modern architecture and a contemporary, intuitive user interface, we make your proven software solution fit for the future. - Functionality that has been developed over the long term remains, but the application becomes more efficient and easy to use thanks to optimized usability and new interfaces.

Your benefits

The value of digital assets is maintained
Functions remain usable due to data and software migration
Improved usability and a modern design
Expandability for the future and integration of modern interfaces

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Your contact

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Dr. Klaus Wiltschi
Head of Business Unit Machinery