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Virtual validation

Better quality with fewer test kilometers

Less manual testing while simultaneously improving the quality of validation: that is the objective of our Virtual Validation Competence Center.
A modern vehicle encompasses over 100 million lines of code – seven times more than a commercial aircraft and more than twice as many as a modern operating system! With the increasing amount of software in the vehicle, the complexity of the overall system keeps growing.

Testing all possible environmental conditions with conventional means has therefore long since become impossible. At the same time, the test depth has to be increased for functions that are critical to safety, such as autonomous driving. The solution: automated tests in virtualized environments. Furthermore, test data can be used better and more efficiently through the skillful use of big data applications.

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Virtual validation

From model-in-the-loop (MiL) to software-in-the-loop (SiL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HiL): hardware and software testing is automated with a suitable tool chain. Our in-house developments orangeHiL and orangeSwitch can help.

Smart data

Thanks to the smart data approach, we also use the data from conducted tests to best advantage: when large data volumes are recorded in the test vehicle, the traces can be subsequently examined for errors and abnormalities using data mining methods.
The recorded driving scenarios are simultaneously used to generate scenarios for virtual validation.

Project references

Piloted parking test facility

We provided the full scope of test facility services for the validation of a remote-controlled parking function. The project encompassed all activities relevant for validation such as test management, configuration management, test case preparation and implementation, and test execution. Scene catalogues for parking scenes were prepared, reference scenes added and the updating and conversion of vehicles was performed.

In order to further automate test execution, a control for automated operation of the vehicle key was developed in the course of the project.

Jira, ALM, Confluence, Scene Manager, DOORS, Rhapsody/Artisan, Carmen, Vector Tools

Virtual test process

The validation of driver assistance systems on actual roads is costly and hard to reproduce. Validation is therefore performed in a simulator on the basis of trials. The project scope encompassed setting up simulators, connecting the driver assistance systems and preparing tools (map conversion for example). Scenarios were prepared for conducting trials and support was provided for carrying out the trials.

ADTF, VTD, C++ and others

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