Mechanical conversions and prototype service

Test vehicles also need to go to the garage: especially in the course of system integration, extensive prototype conversions are often required. Tasks range from regular service to the conversion of the wiring harness. We operate our own fully equipped garages where we can make all prototype conversions in a secure environment.

Our teamof mechanics is equipped to meet all requirements, and can even realise extensive and specialised conversions. Upgrading official or security vehicles including film wrapping is offered as well.

Our services

Mechanical conversion of test vehicles

Regular service for test vehicles

Installation and commissioning of vehicle measuring technology

Hardware and software updates

TÜV individual approval

Storage of controllers and equipment

Air conditioning service/oil service

Conversion of engine or gear mechanism units

Glass repair and replacement

Dust-proof foliation room

Project references

Trade fair and press vehicle preparation

Vehicles for trade fairs and press events require special preparation. Our mechanics team checks all electronic functions, deactivates functions that are not needed (horn, wind shield wipers and so on), and performs special coding.

The team also provides on-site support by correcting errors that occur, and assists with conversions and repairs. For international assignments, employees for our foreign sites can be deployed to minimise travel times and costs.

Flash, hardware conversion, coding

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