Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Our business activities also encompass the mechanical aspects of the vehicle. From test cubing and installation space studies to CAD models and the validation of mechanical components.

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Test cubing

Installation space studies

CAD design

Development of mechanical components

Noise, vibration & harshness validation

Analysis of mechanical defects

Acoustic analysis

Corrosion test

Project references

Mechanical validation of body and interior trim

Our team analysed the occurence of noise for new vehicle models and developed possible solutions for correction. Subsequently the solutions were verified with road tests and the 4-post shaker test.

> 10 person years

Noise, vibration & harshness validation

Our team performed noise and vibration validation and root cause analysis for the overall vehicle. Here the focus was on squealing and rattling noises, the drive train and aeroacoustics.

The project scope encompassed test execution for NVH measurements, the analysis of errors that occurred, test documentation and the planning of quality measures.

6 person years

Overall vehicle launch readiness

Our team managed all aspects of geometric and functional integration for the launch of new model series. The launch readiness of the vehicles was examined based on specific test criteria. Characteristics and functions were verified according to the performance specification and legal requirements.

> 100 person years

Test cubing, acoustic analysis, optical, dynamic and tactile measuring technology

Corrosion protection series development

Our team prepared stone chip simulations and performed the related model comparisons. CAD models were prepared and adapted as well.

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