Body & chassis

Body & chassis

More and more functions, numerous controllers and the steadily rising demand for digitalisation – complexity in the vehicle continues to grow. Even today, a modern vehicle contains seven times more software than a commercial aircraft.

This makes the intelligent design of the overall vehicle architecture and the intelligent installation of components more and more important. Among other things, we optimise the electrical/electronics architecture design to ensure a highly complex vehicle goes to the end customer without errors in the future. We also avoid mechanical problems through the electromechanical validation of prototypes.

Our services

Architecture (electrical system and overall vehicle)

Communication functions (bus communication validation)

Energy management for the overall vehicle

Installation space planning

Part logistics

Noise, vibration & harshness (acoustics, rattling/creaking, shaker tests)

Electromechanical validation for the overall vehicle

Measuring technology installation

Quality analyses

Project references

Overall vehicle system architecture

Our team evaluated and revised the electrical/electronic system architecture for the overall vehicle in the early concept phase for a new vehicle. Architecture concepts were evaluated in regards to AUTOSAR conformity, feasibility and cost.
The conceptual design and further development of electrical/electronic systems and shared functions was included as well. Among other things, the project encompassed the gateway architecture, on-board electrical system configuration and diagnosis functions.

AUTOSAR, CAN, LIN, Flexray, MOST, Ethernet

JIRA, DOORS and others

Validation of a central electrical system controller

Our team performed the validation of the central electrical system controller on HiL test stands and vehicles. Test automation was realised for test stand validation using EXAM and new test cases were prepared and implemented. The test vehicles were planned and updated by the team. Test execution included the validation of all customer, system and diagnosis functions.

> 15 person years

CANoe, Exam, ODX, Doors and others

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