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Alternative drives

On the way to the new energy vehicle

The vehicle industry wants to bring vehicles to market that run without fossil fuels – but with the accustomed range and performance of the combustion engine. Electromobility or fuel cell: various challenges still have to be overcome for the development alternative drive systems to series readiness.

Suitable solutions have to be found for mobility after the combustion engine. This is what our alternative drives innovation team does. We mainly focus on the following topics:


Fuel cells

High-voltage system validation

Charging validation

Energy-efficient driving

Battery management

Power electronics

Electric drives

E-mobility services

Project references

High-voltage battery test facility

Our team set up high-voltage batteries for operation in prototype vehicles.
Equipment for prototype construction and battery test facilities was designed
and fabricated as well. Conducting high-voltage tests was also among the tasks.

Charging infrastructure and charging management

The team prepared market and benchmark analyses within the scope of this project.
Real data from electric vehicles were subsequently collected and analysed, and simulations
were prepared for statistical analyses. Load control tests were planned and executed as well.

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