After-sales support

After-sales support

With our extensive experience in automotive development, we support manufacturers even after the series production launch: we analyse and resolve errors that occur in the field or provide support for troubleshooting and rectification in the field.

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Analysis of errors in the field

Approval of rectification measures

Hotline support

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Analysis of errors in the field

For infotainment and the overall vehicle, our team analysed errors occurring in the field. Measurements were taken on the affected customer vehicles worldwide, the problems were analysed and measures for error elimination were subsequently developed.

> 10 person years

CANalyzer, Optolyzer, workshop testers, dealer portals and more

Dealer support

As the interface between dealers and developers, our team provided telephone support for all problems occurring in the field. The problems reported by the workshops were analysed and evaluated, and corrective actions were developed. Multiple dealers around the world were supported by the multilingual team.

> 120 person years

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