The right infrastructure for your project

Large or small. At the desk or on the vehicle: we have suitable facilities and the right infrastructure for every project. Our locations have versatile project facilities, naturally with all required IT security standards and nondisclosure measures.

Flexible usage: project and laboratory facilities

Project teams without direct vehicle access work in our versatile project facilities. Many different usage scenarios are possible depending on the project requirements: in addition to normal office workstations, laboratory workstations for working on test platforms can be easily set up as well.
We can even perform large orders in our facilities at short notice – our floor plans have plenty of extra room.

Full security: halls for prototypes

When larger fleets must be looked after, our strictly protected halls offer the ideal environment. Accessible space makes it possible to safely work directly on the vehicle, and suitable workshop equipment is available for vehicle modifications. Naturally, we also have test and measurement infrastructure for a wide variety of testing tasks.

IT connectivity

Many locations already have a secure IT link to the customer, allowing us to feed work results directly into your IT systems. As a rule, this connection can be established quickly for newly opened facilities.

Information security

Security measures have been implemented for all of our halls and project facilities, allowing us to conduct strictly confidential projects. Alarm systems, electronic access control and screens are standard equipment. The facilities are certified by independent bodies (such as SecurePartner).
Separate zones can be established within the facilities to keep different project teams apart.

Measurement and inspection technology

From dataloggers to voltage testers and diagnosis interfaces to specially developed test platforms: we have suitable technology for all testing tasks. Our internal development department is even able to create custom solutions for special test requirements when needed.


Thanks to our international locations, we are also able to offer attractive best-cost solutions if needed – for instance through our branches in the Czech Republic and Romania. We are happy to advise you!