Why in-tech?

We are orange!

The “in-tech spirit” is something really special. in-tech stands for an outstanding work environment, team spirit and the enjoyment of work.
Good reasons why we received the “Germany’s Best Employers” certificate each time we have participated in the Great Place To Work study.
But that is far from everything. We believe there are many other good reasons to apply for a position with us…

Great atmosphere!

With us, interactions are uncomplicated, open and sincere. From student trainees to the CEO, everyone is on a first-name basis. We treat each other casually and at eye level. Everyone pulls together: we like each other, help one another and enjoy working together.

Team events

Every one of our teams has a monthly event budget that can be used as desired. The team itself decides what to do: from carting to a cocktail bar, paintball or canyoning, almost anything is possible.
Stay in touch with your colleagues outside the workplace – that boosts team spirit and makes work more relaxed :-)

The in-tech Academy

After your studies, do you fear jumping straight into the deep end? Not with us. Through the in-tech Academy’s training program, you learn everything you need to know at the start of your career and establish initial contacts with colleagues.
The Academy also has lots to offer for experienced employees: from advanced technical courses to soft skill seminars to specialised or management careers.

Keep fit

Health is another one of our focal points: our functional fitness trainers really make you sweat in our courses! Training not only strengthens your body but also boosts group identity. At some locations you can also train independently in our company gyms.

Let’s party!

Success ought to be celebrated! We like doing so often. From the Christmas party to a barbecue, Oktoberfest or cabin event: joint events are important to us.
And we celebrate in style: our parties are legendary. Time for the DJ to call it a night? Then the boss may have to run the turntable personally…

Work-life balance

We have no unfair overtime rules: with us you work under the flexitime model. Every hour of overtime is credited to your working time account so you can take time off when you need it. For young parents, we always find an individual solution to balance family time and the job.


We keep up a good mood throughout the workday with free pick-me-ups like coffee, fruit, granola bars, and sweets ;-)

Taking on responsibility

You want to further your development? With us, you have excellent opportunities: we are always looking for new specialists and managers. Those who prove themselves in projects with dedication, good judgement and a clear head can choose the management career path or become technical experts.

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