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Who we are looking for

Are you orange? Next to technical expertise, we most value the personality of our new colleagues!
We are looking for employees who fit into the team, feel comfortable with us and live the “in-tech spirit”. These characteristics are of special importance to us:

Team player

Above all else, working at in-tech means being part of a team. Working together is simply more fun. Since we get along so well together, having new colleagues fit into the team is very important to us:
as a true team player, you help colleagues when they need it, share your knowledge and give your best for the team.

Positive thinking

New tasks, unfamiliar technologies, changing constraints? With us you will always find new challenges! You approach them positively because you know: you learn from that and ultimately always find a good solution with your team.


We are always working on the latest technologies for cars, trains and Industry 4.0. With us, that means you have to look beyond your own nose, keep on learning and familiarize yourself with new fields. We expect openness and mental flexibility to accomplish this.
We have great confidence in our employees. Therefore those who show openness, initiative and flexibility can quickly take on responsibility.


Development work is fast-paced and things do not always go as expected. That is why we are seeking savvy employees: is a plan not working out? Then a pragmatic, flexible response is required, actively finding new potential solutions.