Questions & Answers

about your application at in-tech

  Before your application

All open vacancies are current and not yet filled. We are growing rapidly and for some positions, we have regular staffing needs. Thus it could be that individual vacancies are online for longer periods even though we have already hired employees for this position.

For your application, an advance time of around 6-8 weeks is adequate. You can also apply earlier if you want.

For internship spaces and final paper/thesis work, the same application deadlines always apply. However, we frequently receive applications for especially popular internships much earlier so that these positions are often filled several months prior to the start dates. For internships and final paper/thesis work, we therefore an application submission around 4 months prior to the planned start date.

Yes! We will be happy to accept your unsolicited application if you use this form. When a new job opens up, we look through our pool of unsolicited applications for suitable candidates and then get in touch with you.

Please don’t forget to tell us your possible entry dates, preferred work locations and fields of activity in your unsolicited application. In addition, please let us know your salary expectations.

  Applying with in-tech

For all open vacancies, applying online via our job portal is the preferred method for all open vacancies. Filling out the form only takes a few minutes. You have the option here of attaching your own documents (cover letters, resumes, school/university transcripts). You can also enter comments.

Please do not apply via e-mail to individual contact persons at the company. With an application which is received by e-mail, all data must be entered manually into our system which unnecessarily delays the processing of your documents. The same applies for the sending of application documents via snail mail.

If you want to refer to a preliminary discussion with a contact partner in your application, simply write a short remark in the comments field or in the cover letter.

At minimum, we require your resume and the most important educational transcripts. You should try to compile these documents in one single pdf document if possible. Software for creating pdf documents can be found, for example, here.

We administer your application documents digitally in an access-protected database. We, of course, comply with the provisions of the data protection act: We only store and use your documents for the purposes of the application process. Only authorized people have access to your data. Your application is always handled with confidentiality.

Due to legal provisions, we store your documents following the completion of the application process for 6 months. If you give permission, we save your documents beyond this time period in our application pool so that we can get back in touch with you, if applicable, if a suitable job opens up for you.

  I did apply - now what?

If you have used our online application form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail after a few minutes in which you can view the data you have sent to us. If you get this e-mail, we have successfully received your application. Please understand that we cannot answer each incoming application with a personal receipt confirmation.

If you have questions on a specific position, you can find the contact information for the respective contact person in the job advert.

No, you do not need to bring any other documents to the job interview. If we are missing data, we will request it from you in digital form in advance.

  The job interview

Especially with applicants who have to travel a long way or with positions with a high number of applications, we like to first arrange a preliminary meeting to get to know you via Skype. The advantage: No travelling and quicker appointment availability.

You should plan around 30 minutes for this meeting. This is a first informal contact – we want to find out about your motivation, strengths and personality.

The important part: Please make sure that sound and video are working and your Internet connection is stable. We will call you at the agreed upon time. Ideally, you should also be reachable via telephone at the agreed upon time in case there are connection problems.

At a job interview, we want to find out whether we fit together. The person you talk with will, as a rule, be – depening on the location and job position – an employee from our recruiting team. The talk usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

We do not conduct stressful interviews! We want to get to know you at eye level and place value on a good interview atmosphere. What do we want to know about you? Of course, we want to first find out about your professional competence. We want to know about your qualifications and experience and clarify what activities you prefer. But it is also just as important to us to get to know you as a person. Your personality, your motivation, your communication skills and whether you have the corresponding team spirit – these things are important to us.

During the job interview, we arrange a time period within which we will give you feedback (as a rule, around two weeks). We will get in touch with you within this time period in any event.

If you require feedback earlier, you can, of course send us an e-mail or contact us by phone. Your respective contact person is available for questions.