The in-tech Academy

Jumping into the deep end? Not with us!

Newly graduated engineers, computer scientists and technicians launch their careers with our trainee program. You contribute your motivation and enthusiasm – we make sure your technical skills are top notch: as a career starter, you learn the fundamentals of electronics and software development in a four-week training program with seminars and practical exercises.

A full program awaits you in the first month: more than 30 training sessions and workshops make you fit for your job. They range from bus systems to troubleshooting, analysis and the fundamentals of automotive engineering, to topics such as communication in the workplace.

You learn important basics and make initial contacts in a group with other career starters: get to know your new colleagues and take time to familiarise yourself with us. This lets you enjoy a relaxed beginning to your career.

Then you start your job at full throttle: we jointly find a suitable task for you in one of our project teams during the training program.

An excerpt from our training program

The in-tech Academy is our internal training and continuing education program available to all employees. In over 60 seminars, workshops and practical training modules, we impart fundamental knowledge of vehicle electronics, specialised technical topics or soft skills – depending on the requirements.

  • Automotive engineering and vehicle electronics: Automotive engineering, railway engineering, hybrid drives, electromobility, driver assistance systems…
  • *Software development: * Functional safety, SCRUM, Python, version management, UML
  • Bus systems: CAN, LIN, MOST, Ethernet in the vehicle…
  • Electrical/electronic system integration: hardware-in-the-loop, continuous integration, flashing and coding, troubleshooting, error analysis, measuring technology, diagnosis…
  • Tools and software: Atlassian Toolchain, Exam, CANalyzer, CANoe, Caromee/Carmen, MATLAB/SIMULINK, CAPL, INCA, VBA, Outlook…
  • Technical continuing education: Hybrid training, driver training, certified tester…
  • Soft skills and management topics: Time management, rhetoric, management techniques, communication, language courses, intercultural training…

Training for new employees

Career starters generally complete a four-week training program with the in-tech Academy. This training program imparts important fundamental knowledge in the field of system integration and provides an overall understanding of the development process in the automobile industry.

Continuing education in a specialist career

For experienced colleagues in a a specialist career, the in-tech academy offers continuing education in technical topics and soft skills. Language courses are offered as well.

Continuing education in a management career

A dedicated training and continuing education program is offered for (future) managers with programs in the fields of communication, leadership and project management