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Sebastian, Electrical Engineer (Dipl.-Ing Elektrotechnik)

As Project Manager in vehicle development, I administer multiple projects, for example involving the analysis of vehicle bus systems. Consistently maintaining an overview of various topics, examining new project enquiries and future topics, and nevertheless staying close to the employees and technical material is what I enjoy most about my job.

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Andreas, Mathematician (Dipl. Mathematiker)

As Department Manager, my tasks include administering our projects and solving problems in coordination with the customer, project controlling and managing employees. Working on projects with my colleagues and helping in-tech make progress is what I enjoy the most.

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Alex, Mechatronics Engineer (B. eng. Mechatronik)

I hold the position of System Engineer for rail vehicles. Currently I am working on the adaptation and integration of systems for specific vehicles in addition to providing support for approvals. This requires complying with national and European standards and verifying compliance. I specify and verify test cases for this purpose and evaluate the test results. Dealing with numerous different systems and having to master their complexity and networking makes my job exciting.

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Christina, Business Economist

I work as Project Controller in administration. My responsibilities include the technical and functional administration of our time recording systems, project structures, project controlling and reporting. What I like most about my job is that every day is different, and I also have and am assigned many tasks that do not belong directly to my field of responsibility. That always keeps things exciting!

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Experienced engineers, computer scientists and technicians find an interesting and versatile field of work in our enterprise. Jobs in development, in quality management and in systems integration wait for you to perform interesting experiments and tasks.

Career Opportunities

We are involved in very diverse projects. Therefore, you will have plenty of opportunity to further your career. With us, you will have many chances to expand your expertise by tackling new topics with new techniques. Regular training in the in-tech Academy will keep you on the top of your field. Of course, there are opportunities to take responsibility as project or team leader or for example in our internal training and continuing training program for young professionals.

Unsolicited Job Applications

There is no suitable position available right now? An unsolicited application is a good idea especially for professionals. While there might be no suitable free positions for you right now, we will be happy to accept your application and keep it on file. We will approach you when your application fits an upcoming free position.