New Branch in Romania

New offices and labs in Brasov - with focus on engineering, software development, management and administration

New expansion in Eastern Europe: The engineering company in-tech opened a new branch in Brasov, Romania at the turn of the year. Highly qualified project teams with very good German and English skills are now in charge of the fields engineering, software development, management and administration. “We are planning to have a team of 80 employees by the end of 2017. As part of upcoming client projects in combination with intensive research, there will be another 220 jobs created in the second quarter of 2018”, new manager Jean-Luc Rolland stated.

Jean-Luc Rolland has year-long experience as manager in engineering companies. His last position was manager for project management in a French engineering company. His areas of operation were aerospace, defense and automotive. Prior to that, he was also in charge of the hardware and software divisions, as well as innovative strategy development.

“I appreciate to contribute with my expertise in this globally active engineering company in-tech. From now on, we in Brasov will support the global expansion and conduct electronic tests and analyses, as well as hardware and software development in the automotive, machinery and transport sectors”, Rolland said.

Two separate security areas were installed in Brasov particularly for client projects in the automotive sector, they are subject to strictest non-disclosure. The focus there is test and development of electronics for new vehicle models. The branch is fully connected to the company-wide IT infrastructure and it works according to the ISO 27001 standard for information security.

Main clients of in-tech Romania are German and European automotive manufacturers. Based on the excellent English skills of the employees there, projects for international clients can be processed without any problems. “The fact that 25 percent of our employees are also able to speak German simplifies the communication with German-speaking partners even more”, Rolland explained. In the future, the employees will also support the internal administration of the German parent company.